Here at Rolling Dice Studios, we facilitate an interesting, fun, and ultimately unique work environment, placing a high value on artist-development and teamwork. As a studio full of artists,we emphasize the integrity and originality of the art we create, and encourage our team to challenge themselves and contribute on all fronts. We see our team-members as artists first, and not simply skilled laborers.

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We are currently seeking an experienced motion graphics artist to join our talented team of artists at Rolling Dice Studios. This individual would be highly self-motivated, able to deliver high-quality motion graphics under tight deadlines, and have an exceptional knowledge of Adobe After Effects. The ideal candidate would be able to work on their own and within a team to conceptualize and execute the best course of action for a given objective. This individual would be considered an “artist,” and would be encouraged/expected to offer creative solutions based on their understanding of the software, their previous experience and the task at hand. A strong sense of timing, organization and design are essential in creating high quality motion graphics, and would need to be demonstrated in any submitted portfolio.

Relevant knowledge/experience in video editing, 3D, Photoshop/Illustrator would be highly beneficial in our work environment. Experience with (or willingness to learn) Cinema 4D would be considered a valuable asset.



We are currently seeking a talented animator to join our team at Rolling Dice. The ideal candidate should be passionate about animation and storytelling, highly self-motivated, and able to work well within a small, specialized team environment. Intimate knowledge of Maya is essential, and experience in other software such as After Effects, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max is a definite asset. The candidate would demonstrate an efficient, confident animation style for both realistic and cartoony characters and scene elements, and should be able to layout scenes and a demonstrate a good understanding of camerawork.


We are currently seeking a talented Effects Artist/Technical Director to join our team at Rolling Dice. The ideal candidate should have a thorough knowledge about rigging and the creation and application of various effects/simulations which include, but are not not limited to, smoke, fire, water, explosions, particle effects, etc. They should be technically proficient in various software and comfortable with learning whatever software is deemed most appropriate for a given job. Experimenting with and researching for various methods should be second nature, as our projects are extremely varied in nature. They absolutely must be a proactive problem solver with solid grasp of artistic and design principles to go along with their technical know-how.


We are currently seeking a talented lighting artist to join our team at Rolling Dice. The ideal candidate has an outstanding artistic eye, coupled with a technical proficiency in various software in lighting and rendering such as Maya, Mental Ray, Cinema 4D, etc. A firm understanding of texturing/unwrapping/compositing is also required. They must demonstrate an ability and willingness to work under tight deadlines, and also the ability to optimize their methods to ensure render times are manageable. They must also have the ability to react and respond quickly and effectively to the needs of management and clients.

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